dottedline “Sitting and living in the middle of your favorite books is a very strong feeling, it’s like sitting in the middle of yourself, of your mind, every book you read becomes part of you and of who you are. And to have them all together, seeing them grow inside and around you is incredible. The visual concept of this feeling is la Bibliochaise.” La Bibliochaise contains five linear metres of books. Designed for the joy of being surrounded by one’s favorite books, all at hand’s reach for deep reading immersions. The Bibliochaise is made with materials adapted from high performance yacht technologies, it contains space for 5m of books, with the additional innovation of hidden wheels. The standard finish for the Bibliochaise Home is open-pore lacquer in white or black. Bespoke colour combinations available on request. Removable cushion covers available in a wide range of colours, leather, or hide. Measuring 39.76 x 33.07 inches, 29.13 inches high each Bibliochaise contains space for 5m of books. (5m on a bookshelf) Click here for Bibliochaise Home technical details. Click here for Bibliochaise Plus technical details. Click here for Bibliochaise Glossy technical details.