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Sitting and living in the middle of your favorite books is like sitting in the middle of yourself, of your mind, every book you read becomes part of you and of who you are.
From the visual concept of this feeling was born the very first drawing of the Bibliochaise in 1998. Presented in 2006 at Pitti Living in Zona Tortona during the Fuorisalone.
Since then it has entered some of the most beautiful houses in the world. Measures Bibliochaise: 101 x 84,5 h.74 cm and 39.76 x 33.07 inches, 29.13 inches high / Measures Bibliopouf: 60 x 60, h.36 cm. Manufactured by Nobody&co. entirely in Italy.

The Bibliochaise, which contains five linear metres of books, is mounted on wheels and is manufactured in 3 different finishes, in any colour one wishes it;
also for the leather cushions there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

For the cushions you can choose here all the colors of the rainbow and also those that aern’t in rainbows

The Bibliochaise HOME, lacquered open pore;

The Bibliochaise PLUS, veneered in oak and tainted in the preferred wood essence;

The Bibliochaise GLOSSY, lacquered glossy.

Combined to the Bibliochaise is the BIBLIOPOUF, with the same characteristics, that contains 1,4 meters of books.

In oak and gold leaf 24 K.