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The first models for the Missing Chairs prototypes were in brass.

These models were part of our first setting during Fuorisalone in Zona Tortona at Pitti Living in 2006, mythically curated by Cristina Morozzi.

Then they were wonderfully photographed by Tommaso Sartori for our invitation to Fuorisalone 2008 where we at last presented the Missing Chairs collection in the now historically famous Spazio Rossana Orlandi.

Missing Chairs is a collection of seven pieces, each one different from the other.

Their elemental graphic lines, like geometric ghosts, allow them to alternate and move endlessly around interior or exterior spaces. Working as a whole, they conventionally occupy a place at the table (see our Missing Table); fragmented, they can be arranged as unique bench groups, corner seating, or stand-alone objects.

Technical: iron tubular structure and seat lacquered for external use.

Measurements: seat, 18.9 x 18.9 inches; height, 30.71 inches (48cmx48cm; h, 78cm).

First drawing of the Missing Spring Chair.
Zakynthos, Greece. July 2015.


Timorous Beasties for .nobody&co. 2016

Appearance of the part to make the whole is the elegant geometric play that defines .nobody&co. Missing Chairs; but with opulent flourishes designed by Timorous Beasties, they undergo metamorphosis to become visible in a new light as Missing Spring Chairs.

Exquisitely embroidered by Chloe Patience, each of these vignettes from the meadow and the glade (of catchfly, cranesbill, sedges, clematis, bees, bugs and caterpillars) creep over the geometric line of steel to create a design symbiosis of ornament and function that underscores the duality of the chairs’ use for both indoors and out.


Because of variety of the subjects price upon request.