.Nobody&co.’s SCROLL TABLE – Sky Arte HD
.nobody&co.’s crystal-top Scroll Table, containing rotating silk screen-printed linen by Timorous Beasties, will be the investigative task-desk from which the master crime writer and TV presenter, Carlo Lucarelli, explores the psycho-history of key cultural figures whose lives were not a little mysterious! Series 2 of this Sky Arte HD program, The Disturbing Muses, is set within the looming 12th-century fortress of Rocchetta Mattei, now a bizarre and architecturally incongruous vision embellished by Cesare Mattei, the eccentric father of electrohomeopathy.
The Disturbing Muses will be broadcast from November 2015 to February 2016 on Sky Arte HD Episodes: The Thief of the Mona Lisa. / Modigliani: A nearly true story. / Modigliani: A nearly true story. / Gala Dalì: A disturbing Muse. / Caravaggio and the mafia. / Hans Holbein: The secret eyes of Henry VIII of England / Richard Dadd: The Son of Osiride. / Francesco Griffo: The man who created Italic. / Borromini and his demons. / Artemisia Gentileschi: A lonely woman. / The Winkelmann Murder